intertidal: poems from the littoral zone

by Zoe Dickinson

intertidal: poems from the littoral zone by Zoe Dickinson

intertidal: poems from the littoral zone

Zoe Dickinson

In her new chapbook, intertidal: poems for the littoral zone, Zoe Dickinson has written a stunning collection of breathtaking poems about the precious shoreline of the Pacific West Coast. Not only are these poems lyrically descriptive, but they are also scientifically accurate, knowledgeable and edifying. This collection is heartbreakingly sympathetic. How much Zoe Dickinson loves this place: “tiny sandlances touch up / small silver mouths / round as rain / kiss the surface tension. . .” The whole world around her is delicate, frangible, on the fathomless brink, and always, in her words, beautiful and vastly worthwhile.

Arleen Paré, author of Time Out of Time and Lake of Two Mountains

“and where / does the self live,” Zoe Dickinson asks—as well as “how”—while residing on unceded territory so many of us likewise call home? In poems so lightly limned they recall those of Pat Lowther, she attempts an answer: through vigilant acknowledgement and observation of a threatened, sometimes surprising natural world. A fish swims back up a gull’s throat; a sea urchin lives out its immortality; a gulp of air waits inside a pneumatocyst. Intertidal proclaims the debut of a remarkable contemporary talent.

John Barton, author of Lost Family and For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin: Selected Poems

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Zoe Dickinson: intertidal: poems from the littoral zone