2021 Winner

RAVEN CHAPBOOKS launches the 2021 Contest Winner

Kyeren Regehr — Disassembling A Dancer

Book Launch Saturday, June 26th, 2021 7 p.m. on Zoom.

Reading Sponsored by the Salt Spring Library and the League of Canadian Poets

Raven Chapbooks 2021 contest winner: Disassembling a Dancer by Kyeren Regehr
cover art: sculpture by Monica Piloni — author photo credit: Regina Akhankina

ISBN: 978-0-9734408-8-1        $22.95

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Kyeren Regehr gives us the body locked in the torment of beautiful movement in this insider’s revelation of a dancer’s life. Her language – trim, muscled, momentumed – soars. The sequence is unforgettable.
— Tim Lilburn

You will read these poems with held breath, as though watching an artfully choreographed tragedy unfold. Kyeren Regehr’s hypnotic, harrowing leap-and-spin through the dark story of dance mercilessly recounts and performs its brutal costs, severing ballet from any remnant myths of delicacy. Her lines, honed like a dancer’s physique, hold and heal the damaged body and psyche, reclaiming the powerful, muscular beauty of controlled movement.
— Anita Lahey

The art of ballet is as unnatural as it is sublime. As though told from a disembodied eye, Regehr’s remarkable poems guide us, without apology, into the visceral. They make us ache, sweat, suffer silently, go hungry, and transcend the self altogether. A unique and rare visit by a unique and rare poet to an elite world.
— Dede Crane